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If you do not accept cookies then this website really won’t work very well. If you do not wish to have a tiny piece of info stored on your own computer that helps your own browser to know what’s going on then fine. If you do not click accept down the bottom then all it means is that Google Analytics won’t work and we won’t know anything about your visit in terms of duration or where you found us etc. etc. If you continue to the forums then you will only be able to view things. Also we won’t be able to remember your preference with regards to cookies so you’ll be asked again next time you arrive, which is just annoying.

We have gone to quite a bit of trouble to make this website comply with all the rules. You can read more on our Website Terms and Conditions of Use and also on our Privacy Policy if you wish but seriously all we want to do is talk about games and stuff. We are really not trying to steal any of your info or anything sinister like that.